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Warranty Policy

Last updated: April, 2021

CROWN INDUSTRIES® (CROWN) appliances come with guarantees covered under Australian Consumer Law.

​Purchasers are entitled to a replacement, refund or free reparation work where failure is due to

poor workmanship or substandard materials, for the applicable warranty period from the date of purchase. 

In Order to Qualify For Warranty

1.    The appliance must be installed and operated strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied by CROWN.

2.    Use of the appliance must be for a purpose for which it was designed.  In the event that you are not sure if the item can be used for your specific purpose, you are to seek formal written advice from CROWN. 

Customer Costs Liability

3.     In the event that an appliance requires attention, which results in warranty work, there is no costs liability on the customer.  This includes all work and any freight costs.  CROWN will take full responsibility in such a situation.  Customers are advised to ensure that any claim for warranty cannot be attributed to misuse or abuse. 

4.     Signs of misuse or abuse are always evident, given the nature of the CROWN products.  As a result, the customer will be liable for any and all costs associated with a claim where the appliance is deemed not to be covered by warranty.  


Customer Satisfaction is paramount to CROWN, so do not fear that we will run and hide if you make a claim.

However, please understand that in the interest of objectivity and fairness, CROWN will not be held liable for any costs where clearly, the CROWN appliance has failed as a result of incorrect use or improper installation.

Warranty Becomes Void When:

5.     Any unauthorised work (work not authorised in writing by CROWN) is conducted on the appliance during the warranty period.

6.     An appliance (such as a wall-mounted boiling water dispenser), which is required to be installed by a licensed plumber, is not installed correctly, and

7.     An appliance is incorrectly "tested and tagged" and, as a result, the tagging agent has caused damage to the appliance electronics.

Fair Wear and Tear

8.    CROWN warranty does not cover "fair wear and tear".  For example, CROWN will not cover damage that is sustained as a result of end-user operational use.  Similarly, CROWN will not cover the appliance if it:

·   is continuously boiled dry (this is a common problem),

·   has been abused (where damage is clearly more than superficial i.e., breakage, bending or denting etc.), or

·   has in any way been modified without written authorisation from CROWN.

Warranty Claim Process (end user)

9.     In the event that you have a concern that your appliance is not working effectively, you are to contact CROWN directly on +61 3 9739 6966, via email at , or via the Contact page on our website at .  Alternatively, if you believe your unit is faulty and is covered under warranty, you will be required to complete the Warranty Claim Application form on our website.  We will get back to you within 24 business hours of receiving your application and will work through the process with you.


10.   Upon receipt of your concerns, we will work with you to initially diagnose the problem.  It is very common that a problem is due to a misunderstanding on how to use the appliance and/or on caring for the appliance and/or is a very simple fix.  Generally, we are able to get you up and running again almost immediately; however, if the problem is something that requires more attention, we will get it sorted for you.


11.  Based on the nature of the problem, CROWN will make a decision to:


·    Arrange for a repairer to come to your site,


·    Send you a replacement part (where a part is simple and safe to replace),


·    Bring the item back to CROWN for further assessment and correctional work,


·    Replace the item, or


·    A combination of the above.


12.  As we move through the process with you, we will maintain close communication to ensure you have full knowledge of where we are at in getting you up and running again, as soon as possible.

Changes to This Warranty Policy

13.     CROWN reserves the right to modify this Warranty Policy at any time. 

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