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Reliable Aussie Made Hot Water Solutions

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CROWN Industries produces a fantastic range of top quality water heating/boiling solutions for a multitude of domestic and commercial kitchen applications.

Specialist Metal Fabricators: Since 1997

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15 Litre Camp Fire Boiler
A must for all serious outdoor enthusiasts, preppers and off-gridders!!


Our Products
(all Australian made)

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The original iconic range of stainless-steel urns.

10 to 50 Litres 

Australia's largest range of wall mounted units.

3 to 60 Litres 

The toughest and most reliable coffee maker on the market.

36, 55 and 100 Cup

A takeaway restaurant workhorse.

8 Litre Basket Capacity

The perfect food/soup warmer/cooker.

7 & 11 Litre Capacity

Boiling Water Dispenser Australian Made
Coffee Percolator Commercial Grade
SC1 - 1.png

Great solution for Cafe Bar dispensing.

2 & 4 Ingredient

Stainless steel non-rust indoor/outdoor bin solutions.

Many Options

Aussie made billy cans, portable campfire with ash tray...

...And More to Come 

A range of brushed stainless steel tableware items

Napkin Holders & Coasters etc

A range of additions

For customising your needs

Bin Trash Can Stainless Steel
CWH-01 5.png
Napkin Serviette Holder
Coaster 1.png
Brewing Urn Strainer
Urn Cover

Our Services


We are really good at sheet metal fabrication. Customers leverage our capability for all sorts of fabrication requirements. We might be able to assist you too.

CROWN Industries is more than a manufacturer.

With 26 years of technical experience and a wide range of equipment, our capability reaches well beyond producing a line of standard products.




Looking to partner with a manufacturer for your next big idea? Feel free to make contact with us. When you work with us, you have access to our full capability and our global support network. Love to help if we can.

If you like our standard range of products but need something more specific to your needs, we can generally modify any product within our range.

We provide a repair service for all CROWN Industries products. We stock all the parts and can get your appliance up and running again in no time. And no one can compete with our repair prices - that is a guarantee.


We give well informed, objective advice. Integrity is the cornerstone of our business ethos so you can rest in the knowledge that when you need advice regarding CROWN v's OTHER or REPAIR v's BUY NEW etc, our advice will be based on the best outcome for you. 

Dom - Port Kembla NSW

"...those units are excellent, and we are so grateful that the team was able to custom manufacture them! 
The blanking plugs fit perfectly and seal well too!  A+ send our regards to your team! 
Warm wishes, Dom"
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