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The Combination Tempering Unit heats chocolate, carob, cheese, cream etc (from cold) and, when melted, maintains the correct temperature in accordance with your requirements.  It is designed to ensure you have continuous access to warm and/or runny food without the need to monitor and reheat


The heating element is a thermostatically controlled 1.5kW concealed element with integrated boil dry protection.  The unit includes a 3 Litre removable stainless steel bowl, which can be used in the kitchen for other purposes when not in use with the Combination Tempering Unit.


The uses for this unit are up to your imagination. You can also purchase additional 3 Litre Inserts/Bowls for multiple use.


A great unit for fondue!

Combination Tempering Unit

Warranty Extension Option
Rubber (non-slip) Trim
  • CAPACITY: 3 Litre (Insert bowl capacity)

    HEIGHT: 260mm

    WIDTH: 240mm

    POWER: 240V - 1.5kW

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