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CROWN eGift Card.


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Stainless steel coasters with 

personalised branding option



tidy bins and ash trays


Bin Trash Can Stainless Steel

TEA & COFFEE Lovers:

You don't have to boil the kettle every time!

URN 1.png

A CROWN domestic 10 Litre urn is exactly what you need!

Top it up at night and you'll have hot water on tap all next day.

  • Efficient to run!

  • Easy to use!

  • Looks impressive!

  • Commercial grade!

  • Aussie made quality!

  • Aussie back-up!



CROWN Industries®

is a 100% Australian owned developer & manufacturer which specialises in hot water catering appliance solutions for Commercial and Domestic applications.

All CROWN products are elegant, robust, practical, reliable & continue to stand the test of time.

CROWN's customer base is throughout Australia but includes exportation to international customers.

CROWN is also a distributor of high quality imported products which are hand-picked for their quality, reliability, durability, supportability & applicability to the Australian market.

Listen to the CROWN overview


Aussie made product certified for importation into Middle Eastern countries.  

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Free shipping Australia-wide for all web orders over $799 (excl gst)

Coffee Percolator Commercial Grade
CM Handle Adaptor 3.png
URN 2.png
Urn Cover
DD4 SSTBS - 1A.png
Urn Spare Parts
Boiling Water Dispenser Australian Made
BWU20 2.png
Steamer - 01.png
Bin Trash Can Stainless Steel
Billys 1.png
Blender - 1.jpg
Napkin Serviette Holder
Coaster 1.png
CWH-01 2.png
Steamer Basket Divider.png
3LSSI - 2.png
Food Steamer Basket Stainless Steel
Brewing Urn Strainer
Hot Water Urn Cleaner
15ml Heat Sink Compound (2).png
15ml Food Grade Silicone (2).png


Brilliant. That's what I'm looking for. Thankyou, you guys have been great to deal with.

Chris - Perth

I love the urn!   It’s made my processes so much easier and safer.  Made right here in Australia  and a very high quality build.  Excellent service.  We need to support businesses like this.  They are a rare breed. 

Christine - Melbourne

Thank you for the return of our urnie which we received today. It is perfect now and how sweet of you to give us one of your pens too! Thank you for everything and making this a seamless process in getting our urnie fixed. With much appreciation.

Lisanne - South Australia

Our current urn is a crown industries, it is at least 15 years old and still the most reliable appliance in our workplace!  No hesitation in buying another!

Jacquie Perkins - Tasmania

Please accept my thanks for being an awesome company! My new 150 degree cutout works a treat. Your company has accepted that people all over the country are using your products to brew beer at home and you have provided a modification specifically for it. Thank you. Sincerely,

Matt Holt - Garbutt

"...we have been so happy with the reliability of the urns for over 5 years now, ...and they still look brand new"

Mhd Jamal - Dubai

"Hi Graeme, another shipment order will be sent through soon. Our stock has virtually run out the door months earlier than anticipated"

Zach Stanakis - Aukland

"Just a quick thankyou for a great product. The Boiling Water system means I get my cuppa as soon as I get in to work in the morning"

Jemma McCafferty - Adelaide 

"With the increase in our staff and the upsizing to the 40 litre urns, our "on-site" catering has been trouble free.  Thank you.

Barry Johnston - Perth

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