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CROWN Hot Water Urn Tap Insert:

Tap Maintenance:

If a customer has a problem with their CROWN urn, it is generally to do with the tap system.  The urn tap consists of moving parts and like all moving parts, is subject to different forces (depending on user care, frequency of use and application, etc.).  Our recommendation is very simple – do nothing with your tap system unless it ceases to operate as it should.  If, however, your tap drips or does not flow effectively, then it is time to consider some maintenance. 


In most cases, a simple Tap Insert replacement is all that is required.


The Tap Insert consists of a new handle, round top nut, spindle, spring and silicone cup.  

All that is required is to unscrew the old insert, and screw on the new insert. It's that simple.


CROWN carries stock of complete tap assemblies and tap components, and if necessary, we can talk you (or your repairer) through the simple fixing process.  Your urn will be up and running again in no time.

Urn Tap Insert (with upgrade option)

Add HOT WATER decal to the tap handle
Give me a Spring & Spindle upgrade
  • You can add a domed HOT WATER decal on the handle of your tap.

    You can also upgrade from a standard nylon spindle and imported spring to a metal spindle and Aussie made spring.

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