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Tall Tidy Bin / Ash Tray Combo Stainless Steel finish(includes side drop bin with removable galvanised insert, ash tray top with ash tray bowl).


CROWN’s extensive range of Tidy Bins and Ash Trays are solidly built, stainless steel units. They are water tight and come standard with a base rubber grommet which prevents slippage on tiled floors.  The Tall Tidy Bins include a galvanised steel insert which is easily removed for rubbish dumping and simple cleaning.


The Tall Tidy Bin and Ash Tray combination allows smokers to use the top part for ash and butts whilst the side-drop hole is for other rubbish.  Separating the ash tray from the rubbish dramatically reduces the fire hazard.


Our bins can be found all over Australia (and beyond) in corporate buildings such as banks and other businesses, hotel lobbies, offices and residential homes.


Whether it be inside or outside, dry area or wet area, the CROWN tidy bin is stylish, effective and incredibly durable.

Tall Tidy Bin / Ash Tray Combo Stainless Steel

  • CAPACITY: 20 Litre

    HEIGHT: 600mm

    WIDTH: 240mm

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