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The CROWN Hot Pot is a highly versatile stainless steel Soup and Food Kettle which has a number of purposes.  It can heat food from cold and continuously keep it at the correct temperature for an ongoing buffet style, bain marie type of approach to serving.  Options are 7 Litre and 11 Litre.


  • Take out the stainless steel insert and add water in the base of the Hot Pot (to just below the bottom of the stainless steel insert),
  • Place the soup or casserole or stew etc into the stainless steel insert,
  • Place the insert into the Hot Pot,
  • Turn on the power and then…

 attend to other duties whilst the Hot Pot takes care of the food.


It is important to check the water level from time to time as some steam will be released during the cooking/warming process.


The CROWN Hot Pot is the perfect appliance for hotels, hostels, retreats and soup kitchens.

Hot Pot 11 Litre Stainless Steel (FACTORY 2nd)

$405.25 Regular Price
$364.73Sale Price
Warranty Extension Option
Rubber (non-slip) Trim
  • CAPACITY: 11 Litre

    HEIGHT: 340mm

    WIDTH: 295mm

    POWER: 240V - 1.5kW

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