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Easy to apply white silicone heat transfer compound.


Used for accurate heat transfer between a heat sensing componenet and the surface of the heat source.


  • 15 ml of compound
  • Luer slip syringe
  • White
  • Non Toxic
  • Non electronically conductive
  • Excellent heat transfer conductivity
  • Easy to apply where space is minimal



1. Ensure the heat sensing component and the heat source surface are both clean and free of any old heat transfer paste.

2. Apply a small amount of Heat Transfer Paste to the component or heat source surface (whichever is preferred).

3. Place the heat sensing component into position and if possible, wiggle and twist it a little to ensure the transfer paste has good coverage on both surfaces.

4. Fix the heat sensing component into place.

5. Good to go!


Heat Sink Compound (Heat transfer paste)


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