Use a 70 gram packet of CROWN urn cleaner when your urrn (or in fact, any hot water appliance) becomes darkened and has an appearance of being dirty and rusty.  This discolouration is caused by sediment deposits from the water you are using.


Such desposits (if thick enough on your heating element) can give the impression that the urn is faulty and requires repair; whereas, chances are, it just needs a good clean-out.


The cleaning process is rediculoulsly simple:

1. Fill the urn with water

2. Add the contents of the CROWN Urn Cleaner

3. Boil for between 10 and 15 minutes

4. Carefully empty the contents of the urn

5. Rinse the urn twice wiith cold water

6. You are now ready to fill your urn with water and continue to use, as per normal.


The CROWN Urn Cleaner is made from natural ingredients.

CROWN Urn Cleaner