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CROWN’s Australian manufactured Portable Hot Water Urns are an Iconic Australian product which have stood the test of time.  Made from high quality, CROWN developed finish, food grade stainless steel; our portable urns are a “must-have” item for any restaurant, organisation or home which needs high-temperature water, on tap at any time of the day or night.  There is no requirement for a plumber or an electrician for installation; just fill your urn with water, plug it in, turn-up the heat using the thermostat knob and enjoy a constant flow of hot water, within minutes.


Unleashing Unrivaled Convenience: CROWN's Portable 20-litre Hot Water Urns


Step into a world of unparalleled beverage service with CROWN's Australian-manufactured Portable 20-litre Hot Water Urns, a timeless emblem of quality and practicality.


Immerse yourself in the excellence of our 20-litre hot water urns, meticulously fashioned from CROWN's proprietary food-grade stainless steel, seamlessly combining durability, elegance, and user-friendly functionality.


"What sets CROWN's hot water urns apart from others?"


CROWN's hot water urns stand out with their unique touch, featuring a high-quality, CROWN-developed finish that takes stainless steel to new heights. Engineered to exceed industry standards, these urns not only promise longevity but also exude a sleek aesthetic, effortlessly complementing any environment.


"Can I trust the installation process to be as simple as described?"


Absolutely. CROWN's hot water urns redefine simplicity by eliminating the need for professional installation. Bid farewell to plumbers and electricians – just fill the 20-litre urn with water, plug it in, and fine-tune the heat to your preference using the intuitive thermostat knob. It's an uncomplicated process that empowers you with instant control over your hot water supply.


"What makes the 20-litre capacity ideal for my needs?"


Whether orchestrating a grand event or seeking a continuous supply of hot water at home, the 20-litre capacity ensures you're well-prepared. Never fret about running out during peak demand; CROWN's hot water urns provide a generous and unwavering stream, catering to the needs of any occasion.


"How portable is the design, and where can I use it?"


The portability of CROWN's hot water urns introduces an extra layer of convenience to your life. Effortlessly transport your urn to different locations, adapting to the dynamic requirements of your space. From elevating event catering to enhancing your home kitchen, our portable design guarantees hot water is always within arm's reach.


"Is the stainless steel construction truly durable?"


Without a doubt. CROWN's unwavering commitment to quality radiates through every detail. The food-grade stainless steel construction not only ensures enduring strength but also simplifies maintenance and fortifies against corrosion. Trust in a hot water urn that stands resilient against the test of time.


Elevate Every Occasion with CROWN's Fusion of Tradition and Innovation


Embrace the rich heritage of CROWN's Australian legacy with a hot water urn that transcends expectations. Whether orchestrating grand events or simply seeking the convenience of hot water at home, CROWN delivers on the promise of reliability, efficiency, and an unyielding dedication to quality. Immerse yourself in the epitome of convenience with our comprehensive range of hot water urns—because when it comes to staying hot, we've got you covered.

20 Litre - Portable Hot Water Urn (Standard)

Warranty Extension Option
Splash Guard
Non-Slip Rubber Trim (Urn Base)
Upgrade to a heavy duty tap
  • CAPACITY: 20 Litre (100 cups)

    HEIGHT: 435mm

    WIDTH: 290mm

    POWER: 240V - 2.4kW - 10Amps


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