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30 Litre Wall Mounted Boiling Water Dispenser (150 cups capacity).


The stylish design and simple componentry makes the CRN30 the perfect hot water solution for restaurants, offices, canteens, factories, medical facilities, sporting clubs, hospitals, churches, schools etc.


The CROWN water injection refill system ensures replacement cold water is injected into the tank as water is despensed by the user.  Instead of dumping large amounts of cold water back into the tank and then going through the full reheat/reboil process, the CROWN system injects small amounts of water into the tank and reboils straight away. So, as boiling water is being dispensed, it is already being replaced and reboiled cutting down waiting time and ensuring a constant flow of boiling water is availble (relative to the size of the unit used).


Aussie made and Aussie supported - you can't go wrong!

30 Litre (3.0kW)

SKU: CRN30 STD - 3.0KW
Upgrade to a heavy duty tap
Warranty Extension Option
  • CAPACITY: 30 Litre (150 cups)

    HEIGHT: 735mm

    WIDTH: 400mm

    DEPTH: 300mm

    POWER: 240V - 3.0kW (12.5Amp)

    HEAVY DUTY TAP OPTION:  $15.00 - Upgrade to an Aussie made Stainless Steel Spring and Metal Spindle. Highly recommended in heavy use settings such as restaurant, hospital, aged care and other commercial kitchens.

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