CROWN’s Australian manufactured Portable Hot Water Urns are an Iconic Australian product which have stood the test of time.  Made from high quality, mirror finish, food grade stainless steel; our portable urns are a “must-have” item for any restaurant, organisation or home which needs high-temperature water, on tap at any time of the day or night.  There is no requirement for a plumber or an electrician for installation; just fill your urn with water, plug it in, turn-up the heat using the thermostat knob and enjoy a constant flow of hot water, within minutes.

40 Litre - Portable Hot Water Urn (Standard) FACTORY 2ND

SKU: HW40TC 2nd
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Warranty Extension Option
  • FACTORY 2nd: Minor cosmetic markings. Works perfectly!

    CAPACITY: 40 Litre (200 cups)

    HEIGHT: 585mm

    WIDTH: 340mm

    POWER: 240V - 2.4kW